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My "Wonderful" Week

Posted: 22 Jan 2012, 13:16
by Kimajin
Monday: Off Work <3 small headache
Tuesday: Slept all day and went to work. Headache
Wednesday: Go to town and get bills paid come home, take shower, and go to work. Slight Migraine
Wednesday night/Thursday morning: Okay I work at a factory (Mtek). Well, I work with this gun that sprays glue. So All night I spray glue on this part. Well as I was going to grab another part, my ankle gets wrapped up in the hose to the spraygun. I fall on my butt. Everyone laughs.
Thursday: Hang with coworkers and drink alittle.Sleep and work.
Friday:Forgets to sleep and spends all day with my cousin. Slow night at work. Migraine
Now Tonight. Which is a Saturday night. Well, one of our machines messed up for almost 3 hours. During those 3 hours we were made to clean and repair parts. Well, I'm spraying my area and scraping glue off of my "jig" with this pointy and sharp pick. Well my hand manages to slip and stab my left middle finger. Blood starts pouring out of my finger. I get up wash hand and wrap it with hospital tape and continue on with my night. No, I did not report it. Major Migraine.

I've had a pretty painful week.

How has everyone else's work week went?

Re: My "Wonderful" Week

Posted: 22 Jan 2012, 13:46
by Zicod
Monday: Revision for Microbial Physiology pretty much all day.

Tuesday: Same as Monday.

Wednesday: Worked at the Hospital, got home late started revision for Microbial Physiology exam, passed out early hours in the morning.

Thursday: Wake up late, head to Uni to work on a thesis, revise some more, head to my friends gig in Camden.

Friday: Four hour Microbial Physiology exam, out with Uni friends for partying and drinks, got home late, Microbial Physiology part II revision

Saturday: A hour Microbial Physiology (again) got home start revision for Molecular and Cellular Pathology.

Sunday/today: Revise for Molecular and Cellular Pathology exam, and hopefully see a film late before I go insane.....

Basically, just work and uni work ; A;

Re: My "Wonderful" Week

Posted: 23 Jan 2012, 00:33
by Kimajin
I live at work -_- Like I've worn pajamas to work just because I'll be going to sleep when I get home.

Re: My "Wonderful" Week

Posted: 23 Jan 2012, 01:46
by Zicod
I have been so tired from working the graveyard shift at the hospital, when I got home I fell asleep wearing my scrubs... they can pass as realllly light pajamas xD

wow how many hours do you do?

Re: My "Wonderful" Week

Posted: 23 Jan 2012, 01:57
by train
Monday: Hand in major English Project.

Tuesday: Worry about art written exam, write history test and start an english in class writing assignment.

Wednesday: Second half of History test, Art written exam, anther period to do yet another english assignment.

Thursday: START my huge art studio exam which should have started a week ago, but the canvases came in late, start History notes, Work on another in class english assignment and work on my english verbal visual project.

Friday: PANIC, work on my painting/ art exam and verbal visual.

Saturday: Paint... All day... about half way done.

Sunday: Verbal Visual... All day. Not going to finish, dad is writing a note, still have to paint for about 3-4 more hours, hopefully I'll get most of it done.

Tomorrow: Panic bout my verbal visual presentation. Plan my thesis and quotes for my english exam essay (this rough work is due on tuesday), work like hell on my painting in art class, Write my write-up for the verbal visual, write my artist statement for my painting (and maybe fake some more rough work)

Tuesday: Panic and die because my art exam painting is due, same thing goes for the english exam rough work, ignore history studying and pay for it later.

Wednesday: English Exam

Thursday: Study like mad and panic for my history exam

Friday: History Exam

Saturday-Tuesday: Work like mad on my portfolio for university

Wednesday: Back to school for semester two...

My life is terrible.