New User Changes

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New User Changes

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As posted previously, I have made some significant changes to new user registration. All users are now placed into a "New User Registration" group and will remain in it until they have at least one post on the forum. There are many limitations in place while in this special group. The following is a list of notable limitations while in this group:
  • Unable to use Private Messages
  • Can only post on the "Introductions/Leavings" forum
  • All posts must be approved by a moderator or administrator
All accounts with no posts have been moved into this new special group. Additionally, I did a mass pruning of any accounts that have not logged in for at least 3 years and that had no posts. This may have deleted some valid accounts, and if it did I apologize. If this happened to you feel free to register again. It was just easier to delete 300+ accounts than it was to try to add them all to the new group.

If anyone has any issues/questions/concerns they are welcome to reply to this, create a new thread, PM me, or email me (please don't spam, my email is mbisme[at]burke[dash]works[dot]com).

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