Upcoming Changes

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Upcoming Changes

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I don't think there are a lot of people left that drop by here, but I have decided to make a couple changes to the site. The first is related to an influx in spam bots on the site. They keep replying to old threads with ads for fake passports and medical supplies. As such, I have decided to introduce a new rule to the site that if I see a reply to a thread that the last post was over a year old I will lock that thread. If you want to respond to such an old thread just start a new one and include a reference to the original thread. A conversation with over a year gap in it isn't really a conversation.

The second change is related to the forum upgrade that I did a little while ago. I found with the upgrade that the old rules sticky that I used to have has disappeared (or maybe it did before the upgrade, I'm not sure). As such I will be creating a new one. I can't find the old rules list that I had so there is a chance that there will be new rules that didn't exist before. Please review the new rules (once I have them posted) to ensure you don't have any unexpected action taken against you.

Another potential change is related to the domain name of this site. I have been wanting to change it but am awful at coming up with name ideas. If anyone is able to suggest a name that I like and purchase I will give them a $25 Amazon gift card. There are a few requirements:
  • The name must not contain a hyphen (-)
  • The name must still contain "burke"
  • The name must be available as a .com, .net, and .org domain
If you have a suggestion let me know through PM. While I don't think it would be a risk, I don't want suggestions to be a reply to this thread and someone else to buy the three main variants of the domain before I am able to. If you have any questions about this "contest" please ask as a reply to this so everyone can see the answer. Once a decision has been made I will update this post to indicate so.

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