Spam Countermeasures

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Spam Countermeasures

Unread post by mbisme » 29 Jun 2019, 02:43

After dealing with having to ban 2-3 spambots per day I have decided to place new countermeasures in place. This will only impact new registrations, so for those of you that already have accounts you have nothing to worry about.

For anyone new that registers on the forum, they will be placed in the "Newly Registered User" group. This group restricts them so they are unable to send a PM, can't create a signature, and are only able to post on the Introductions / Leavings forum. These posts will require approval by a moderator before they are visible. Once a user has one approved post they are automatically removed from this restricted group and have normal access to the forum.

This may not stop all bots, but at least it will prevent those bots that would register and send spam via PM to bulk numbers of users without ever making a single post. It also makes it so I don't need to worry about banning users (which has many steps involved) and can instead just reject spam posts in a couple single clicks. With these changes we should all be able to go back to enjoying our beautiful silence, just like Ains would want.

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