Naruto [608]

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Naruto [608]

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I thought this was a real good chapter. Definitely some high-stakes character development for Kakashi. Hopefully he won't die. That's pretty awesome he can use Kamui in the way Obito uses it to warp people into that other dimension. I imagine he still can't warp portions of his body to dodge attacks though. Since his Kamui seems to more rip things out of reality than transport them. But who knows. Maybe he can use it to dodge an attack. Maybe it just takes too much chakra to use every attack.

That whole small scene where he was in the alternate dimension was just great though. Moments like this, and earlier ones like his fight with the resurrected Zabuza-Haku duo, have made him much more of an emotional character.

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Re: Naruto [608]

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I agree with every bit. Fuckin' loving this manga. From the expressions on Obito's face, I kind of feel he knows Kakashi didn't want to kill Rin. Like, he understands now, but he still doesn't care about the 'why'. All he cares about is the outcome of Rin dying.

As for Kakashi using it to dodge attacks, I don't think he's actually able to. Obito unlocked further potential because of extreme emotional torment as well as his Sharingan blood. I don't think Kakashi will ever be able to match up to an Uchiha in terms of Sharingan skills. But the fact that he can teleport himself back shows improvement, considering he couldn't even aim it properly earlier in the Akatsuki arc. One step at a time. Maybe some day he will be able to use it to dodge.

I'm actually wishing Naruto would fuck off for a bit. Not the manga, the character. I want to see how this Kakashi vs. Obito thing plays out. Kakashi doesn't seem to want to explain the reasoning for him killing Rin, but damn it, I need to know. I just hope the truth doesn't make Obito cry and decide to help the others defeat Madara instead.

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