Naruto Chapter 568

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Naruto Chapter 568

Unread post by StickofDoom » 26 Dec 2011, 17:36

.... wat?

Kurama and Goku... wat?

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Re: Naruto Chapter 568

Unread post by Blaze » 26 Dec 2011, 17:40

toonami all over again :]

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Re: Naruto Chapter 568

Unread post by Kaitsu » 27 Dec 2011, 04:39

Well, Kurama IS a demon fox god. Son Goku is always used as a monkey god name. Makes sense. But I think Kishi was playing around with the Son Goku part a lot on purpose.

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Re: Naruto Chapter 568

Unread post by Synnthetic » 27 Dec 2011, 15:46

Definitely a reference with the Son Goku, as Kaitsu stated. I liked it though. Cameo's are wonderful. e u e

Waiting for more Sasuke and Tobi though.

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Naruto Chapter 568

Unread post by bennietepsy » 26 Apr 2019, 17:27

Garbage chapter.

How would you guys change the story overall so that Sasuke turning good again would make sense?

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Naruto Chapter 568

Unread post by EmileRed » 19 Oct 2019, 17:23

Im happy Naruto got Hokage and that he got with Hinata, even though that makes little sense considering he has never given a fuck about her. Bolt is an annoying clone, and he reminds me of Nardos version of Goten. Salada is a funny name. Speaking of which, Sasuke and Sakura together made even less sense. Inosai child is fugly. Chojikarui wat child looks ghetto. Lees son with who? TenTen? TenTen is alone otherwise. Gaara looks like a creepy homo, and hasnt aged. That wimp with the glasses became Mizukage? Wat. They must really lack talent there ever since Kisame and Zabuza died. It was an ok chapter.

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