Whoa this is still around.

Introduce yourself here! Or let us know about your sad departure :[
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Whoa this is still around.

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I don't think I've been on here in years. Just happened to catch a video about mugen and remembered that old Naruto-Mugen forum. "Wonder if it's still up." man, nostalgia.

I'm on discord quite a bit if anyone still visits here. Kliessen#0176
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Re: Whoa this is still around.

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oh man yeah, I remember it every now and then and come to poke around a bit and see if anyone's posted anything new. A discord server or just a chat would be a cool idea :D

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Re: Whoa this is still around.

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I suppose I could create a discord server that we could use. That is simple enough. It wont happen until this weekend at the earliest though, and even then I will be on-call so it will depend on how busy work is.

Otherwise, there are a few people that drop by here, but the place is pretty much dead. Despite that feel free to stop by and say hi. It might take a month but you will normally get at least a few responses.

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