Ruins of Burke Works

Introduce yourself here! Or let us know about your sad departure :[
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Ruins of Burke Works

Unread post by Obisaurus »

Hey its ZX0, or ZXIndustries or 1Henry94.
I had a few aliases in this former spriting community. I guess this site died out : /
In any case, Happy New years to those who will receive this message in a bottle.

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Re: Ruins of Burke Works

Unread post by Synnthetic »

Nah mate, not entirely dead. Already had a new years topic! I only vaguely remember you, but how's life?

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Re: Ruins of Burke Works

Unread post by CommanderCool »

Yeah we have actually had quite a few topics recently. I remember you as ZX0 and remember seeing you in the spriting section. How have you been?

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