So. Are we all just waiting?

Introduce yourself here! Or let us know about your sad departure :[
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So. Are we all just waiting?

Unread post by Knnyttemair »

Waiting for the bajillionth coming that is.

Apparently, I've never posted on this incarnation of BW before. It honestly feels weird typing into this box again.

I was just feeling the nostalgia and decided to drop in. Half of my last four posts were "I'm back!" posts if that means anything.

Man, good times were had here... I'm pretty sure I was still in grade school when I first found this site. Can't believe it's been like nine years.

Anyway, just wanted to know what everyone (everyone being the few people who check in every once in a while) was up to.

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Re: So. Are we all just waiting?

Unread post by Synnthetic »

I was about... 12 or 13 when I first joined here. Been a long fuckin' time since anyone called me Sin. Lmao. I miss the old days, yeah. I'm in college now, getting my bachelors in Culinary Management.

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Re: So. Are we all just waiting?

Unread post by CommanderCool »

Oh yeah I believe I was 16 when I first signed up here. Maybe a little younger. Think my first post was releasing a Chouji MUGEN character. Those were fun times and I definitely miss them too. You made sprites right Knnyttemair? I think I remember some of your work. I'm working at an I.T./database management job now. So basically doing some extremely easy and boring stuff. I'm doing some freelance programming and game development projects though, which are quite fun.

What have you been up to?

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Re: So. Are we all just waiting?

Unread post by train »

Oh my gosh ya, I was probably like 11 isn when I first joined and I just turned 20. Everyone was so surprised that a girl joined the site it was hilarious.

I just started my second of four years to get a Bachelor of Animation. Gotta say, it's awesome but extremely busy. It'd be great if this site suddenly blew up with old members, it's so sad that it died so quickly. I miss the role-plays and all that, I haven't role-played since then tbh

Ah well, it's good to know that people still remember this site 8D
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Re: So. Are we all just waiting?

Unread post by PhoenixRoy »

I had a dream about this forum last night. What's up?

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Re: So. Are we all just waiting?

Unread post by Blaze »

I normally don't check this site because Most of my friends on BW(Kaitsu, Sam, Stickofdoom, Desertofsand, etc) I talk to on a daily basis on skype. 8(

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Re: So. Are we all just waiting?

Unread post by corban123 »

Man, good times were had back in the day. I think I joined when I was roughly 12 when I joined as well. Still remember trying to make a Don Patch that could transform in Mugen. Man that was a while back... Now i'm getting my BSA in Computer Science focused in Game Development. Seems like everything is going just right.

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