oh my.... not this again :D

Introduce yourself here! Or let us know about your sad departure :[
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oh my.... not this again :D

Unread post by Tamáshii »

Hello folks!! It`s me back and i cant believe it :D
Some of you will remember me as H_Kakashi or Tamáshii ? I used to code characters and worked on some mugen projects and started to make spme sigs and stuff and still i cant beliebe it :D
Guys what have you been doing till now? i dont quite remember all the names but i seem to remember something on the dark side of my brain when i read the names from far back on the timeline and i cant believe it :D

Yes i ended all my sentences with i cant believe it cause i really cant believe it :D I guess this site is pretty much dead but i thought give it a shot and see what all these guys have been doing

For me i finished school and started to study and hell yeah im doing fine....guys say that you remember be otherwise i will quit this site and this will hurt you more than you think it should :D

anyway welcome back to yall!!

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Re: oh my.... not this again :D

Unread post by Synnthetic »

I think I do remember you as H_Kakashi. Good to see you again. With people returning to us, I hope our site can still survive. I saw a returner working on sprites, perhaps you can assist him in coding a character if you guys still believe in MUGEN?

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Re: oh my.... not this again :D

Unread post by Kaitsu »

Everyone is swarming in during Summer? dafaq

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oh my not this again D

Unread post by bennietepsy »

Its lovely to see so many people about again I popped in a year ago and the place seemed empty. Its time I started hanging out here again. Xx

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