Pernelle - Map

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Pernelle - Map

Unread post by Pampattitude » 03 Feb 2014, 17:11

Hey guys,

Not really new, but I made a... special map of the story I work on for I-don't-know-how-much-I-stopped-keeping-track-of-time-after-the-Millenium-bug.
Here it is.


Definitely weird, but I love it. I'll try to find the legend, maybe the places' names.

The image seems to be downscaled. Damn.
Here is the map on PixelJoint.

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Re: Pernelle - Map

Unread post by Synnthetic » 03 Feb 2014, 23:07

Ha, that's pretty cool! Honestly, it's kinda like the really old-school Mario block textures forming together to become a top-down map. The pixelated map itself reminds me of FF1, which I just got back into. Childhood in a map. You should make more of these. Fanmade maps of Zelda / FF / etc, perhaps?

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