I'm Still Alive.

Hand drawn Artwork goes here.
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I'm Still Alive.

Unread post by StickofDoom » 06 Apr 2013, 06:37

Oh hey. After all these years, I'm still working on Kuro stuff o_o

God, I miss the community that was here.
Anyway I just wanted to post on this forum at least one more time.

Here's some shit.

I redesigned the fucker.


And here's a nice one just cuz.

If you like my shit, I'm always around facebook now on my art page... so yeah.

Drop a like maybe, leave a message, talk, etc, thanks :DD

Good luck BW.

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Re: I'm Still Alive.

Unread post by Synnthetic » 11 Apr 2013, 14:11

Lookin' pretty neat, man. I like the new design. Looking at your other picture, it seems you've got a real knack for shading and detail. It's hell to get a forest looking right, but you did a nice job. You can tell each individual tree apart, but they still blend together naturally. Really jealous now... Bah.

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