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Re: Classic Pokemon!

Posted: 07 Jun 2013, 14:20
by Synnthetic
Hyper Fang is completely overpowered. When I'm fighting those rat bastards, I always switch off to my Sandslash. He's such a beast. Shrugs it off like it's no big deal and then lands a crit with his Slash nearly 100% of the time. He also knows Dig and Earthquake so I basically just one-shot everything using him. Excited to hit the... Oh, fuck, what's it called... That one city with the poison gym leader? I think his name is Koga. Been too long. But yeah, I'm going to dominate him. <3

Never had too much trouble with Self-Destruct. Maybe I'm just getting lucky. Maybe my Pokemon are just beasts. Maybe it's Maybeline. Who can be sure? All I know is I'll never have the time for a Nuzlocke game for a while now. Just got Heavy Rain, and The Last of Us is coming out shortly. Also redoing FF9 as a 100% run, which is creeping horribly slow because I'm doing that damn Chocobo Hot & Cold game. But I may start it up next year. I'll have to see how painful your run is before I decide for sure. Your story dictates my future! Do not let me down! Persevere and shed only the manliest of tears! And I swear to whatever gods there may be, if you fucking lose Kain, you're dead to me. FEED THAT BITCH STAT INCREASING ITEMS. Bitches love stat increasing items.

Re: Classic Pokemon!

Posted: 30 Jul 2013, 21:15
by Synnthetic
So, uh. I got to the Elite 4 with my Pokemon around lvl 41 - lvl 47. Decided to fight the Elite 4 to grind for levels and accidentally became the champion. Suck it, level grinders. It's all about those elemental weaknesses.

Classic Pokemon

Posted: 13 May 2019, 23:56
by byronnit
Nice Anyone here got any pics of Toyotas in the park that happened here in perth?
Me was away.