Age of Empires Online

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Age of Empires Online

Unread post by CommanderCool » 23 May 2012, 07:54

Anybody check this game out? Actually pretty fun. I've been playing Celts civ trying to get better at the PvP, but there are some intense players on there. A patch is coming out within a few weeks to address some balance issues while adding more variety to the viable PvP strategies. Should be pretty cool. Also they're making the game more friendly and accommodating for the free-to-play crowd. Like all AoE games, the point is of course to destroy your opponent's town centers (after which he has two minutes to get at least one back up or he loses the game).

I always ragequit when PvP matches reach the Golden Age because it gets to this point where tons of rams and ballistae scour the map destroying all buildings and walls in sight while doing splash damage to kill vills and infantry. I had a 2v2 match once where our opponents had some pretty good map control with forward-built fortresses. I had a strong army on defense, but my partner didn't make an army for some reason. Then one of them decided to suicide some guys into our base, build a really close wall, and sit mass ballistae behind it while his partner moved in with a ton of cavalry. I built about twenty military buildings so I was popping out infantry units as fast as our opponents were killing them. We were at a complete standstill for like five minutes until my guys eventually broke through the walls and ballistae. So I waited until I got my military population up again and pushed forward into his base (they had like 3/4 of the map secured while we had around 1/4). But fortresses! Fortresses everywhere. I swear this guy must have used all the stone resources on the map because there were tons upon tons of forts lined up before I even reached his most forward town center. And of course, he started to pump ballistae out of his base for even stronger defense. So at this point my partner decided "screw this" and made a Wonder in the back of our base. When a Wonder survives on the field for ten minutes, you win the game. So I rallied what was left of my army back to our base, trained more units to make up for what was lost, built a few forts, some Celt-equivalents to ballistae, then I just sat there waiting. Eventually another wave of cavalry and ballistae came, then another, and another, but each one was pretty easily defended. I think they got desperate, trying to attack quickly to get through to that Wonder instead of building up an adequate army over time. So after ten more minutes of my army fighting off those waves, we won. I got a look at their unified base after the match, and it was not anything we wanted to go into. But they needed more military buildings for faster unit production. The match ended up being like ninety minutes long. Normally matches are eleven to twenty minutes, but this one was really fun.

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