Dark Souls

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Dark Souls

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I've sunk too much time into this game in the past few weeks. I made a Rapier Sorcerer and pretty much just dominate everybody in PvP so the game has gotten a bit stale. But PvP was fun for awhile because it is so dynamic. Some people play high stakes builds that just try to take you out in one or two hits, while others do conservative builds that chip away over time while keeping up the aggression to prevent the opponent from healing. I prefer the latter. But with my build I have a spell that, with the right positioning, one-shots anybody who hasn't maxed vitality (well, gotten it to 40 which essentially is maxing in PvP). Still, fighting with the rapier is so much more fun so I always neglect to use the one-shot spell unless I'm facing another one-shotter.

I'm thinking about making a build that focuses on HP and Stamina, while having decent poise armor and a Lightning Washing Pole katana (insane range and ignores stat scaling) to do quick, large chunks of damage. That is, if I feel like playing the game anymore. Just like six hours of successful PvP makes you realize that souls aren't nearly as valuable as you once thought they were, and with the lack of skill in the PvP pool, my incentive to play has definitely dwindled. Sorcery can be easy mode though. Maybe a new build will freshen things up. Regardless, an immensely fun game up to that point. The first half of the PvE storyline was cool too. Especially Anor Londo. Sen's Fortress sucks hard though. The second half of the overall PvE part of the game felt unnecessarily supplementary to the first half and drags on a bit in terms of the actual storyline.

Anybody else play it? What builds have you made and how do you like the PvE and PvP systems?

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Dark Souls

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I been gone awhile but im back. anyways who is ready for dark souls 2? I AM how about you? hmm? nah i have a deep love for fromsoftware and the souls games. and im just excited beyond all measure _

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